Red Mage

Level 2


Advances to: Arch Mage  Silver Mage 

Advance from: Mage

HP: 42  Cost: 60  Moves: Alignment: neutral  XP: 100


Upon the successful termination of their apprenticeship, a mage is stripped of the blue robes of an apprentice, and given the red robes of a master. The significance of this change is often lost on the peasantry, who mistakenly title Master Magi as 'Red Magi'. Likewise, the symbolism of the change in colors is often mistaken to signify the mage's ability to seemingly conjure fire from nothing but thin air, a trick which, although undeniably useful, is viewed as a crass application of the knowledge which they have painstakingly accrued.


Name Type Strikes Range Special
staff impact 6-2 short  
fireball fire 8-4 long magical 


blade 0%
cold 0%
fire 10%
holy 20%
impact 0%
pierce 0%

Terrain Modifiers

Terrain Movement Defense
Castle 1 60%
Village 1 60%
Deep Water 100 20%
Shallow Water 3 20%
Grassland 1 40%
Forest 2 50%
Hills 2 50%
Mountains 3 60%
Swamp 3 20%
Sand 2 30%
Cave 2 40%
Tundra 3 20%

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