Silver Mage

Level 3


Advances to:

Advance from: Red Mage

HP: 48  Cost: 90  Moves: Alignment: neutral  XP: 100


The many paths that a mage can take in study lead to strikingly different ends. The silver magi have devoted themselves to a study of the forces that bind reality together, and have managed, somewhat, to unravel the mysteries of a world far more vast than most would ever imagine. Often viewed as sages, or wandering mystics, silver magi act under an agenda which is obscure even to their own colleagues. Though helpful to the magisteriums which often employ them in the field, they remain somewhat aloof.


Name Type Strikes Range Special
staff impact 7-2 short  
missile fire 9-4 long magical 


blade 0%
cold 50%
fire 50%
holy 20%
impact 0%
pierce 0%

Terrain Modifiers

Terrain Movement Defense
Castle 1 60%
Village 1 60%
Deep Water 100 20%
Shallow Water 3 20%
Grassland 1 40%
Forest 2 50%
Hills 2 50%
Mountains 3 60%
Swamp 3 20%
Sand 2 30%
Cave 2 40%
Tundra 3 20%

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