Shock Trooper

Level 2


Advances to: Iron Mauler 

Advance from: Heavy Infantryman

HP: 52  Cost: 35  Moves: Alignment: lawful  XP: 110


Shock troopers are the elite of the heavy infantry, and half of their use in war is simply a matter of intimidation. The only men who can enter their ranks are prodigiously well-built, and when clad in black plate brimming with spikes, they are a fearsome sight to behold. The sight of Shock Troopers breaking an enemy often does the same to the morale of any opposition, who sometimes wonder if such armor covers monsters, rather than men. The drawback of such heavy armor is, of course, the time it takes to move into and out of combat.


Name Type Strikes Range Special
morning star impact 18-2 melee  


blade 50%
cold -10%
fire -10%
holy 20%
impact 10%
pierce 40%

Terrain Modifiers

Terrain Movement Defense
Castle 1 50%
Village 1 40%
Deep Water 99 20%
Shallow Water 4 10%
Grassland 1 30%
Forest 2 40%
Hills 3 40%
Mountains 99 20%
Swamp 4 10%
Sand 2 20%
Cave 2 40%
Snow 4 20%
Mushroom Grove 2 40%
Chasm 99 20%

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